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10 Best Gifts for the Space Nerd

Okay I may have missed the boat for my Jewish followers but the rest of you holiday givers listen up! I have been sifting through the interwebs and found some of my favorite gifts at varying prices. Prices listed are without shipping and handling.

  1. Astro Star Laser Projector $9.99
    Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.53.49 PM
  2. Metal Earth-Mars Rover $15.99– you can build this yourself!
    Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 4.57.16 PM
  3. Constellation Boe Ties $40 to release your inner Bill Nye
  4. Classic Home Planetarium $149
  5. Solar System Necklace and Comet Earrings $74.99
  6. Visit Mars Poster $18.71 or go to a printing company and print your own Kepler Poster
    il_570xN.887372327_2zgg Kepler_186f_preview
  7. Space Atlas: Mapping the Universe and Beyond $34.99
  8. Solar System Glass Set or Star Wars Planet Set $49.99
  9. A telescope – The best advice for buying a reasonably priced telescope is to buy a used one… or else you would be stuck with glorified binoculars. Here is a site where you can purchase some old telescopes and a guide to help you make a smart buy. If this is your first time buying a telescope and you feel too inexperienced to purchase a used one, this site has a large selection of new telescopes with lots of details so you can make a decision you are comfortable with.
  10. Last but not least your very own BB8 $69.99
    non Target people I recommend not getting the Hasbro version since it is in the $130s elsewhere and instead spending the extra $20 and getting the nicer Sphero  $149.95

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