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Everything Your Space Heart Desires – Holiday Gift List

Holiday shopping is in full swing! If you are looking for something for a fellow space nerd (or yourself 😉 ), you will love this list! With a variety of prices and for a variety of genders/ages you will definitely find something… maybe too many things. Now lets get to it.

Space Capsule Teas Infuser $9.99

Sci Chic Hubble Space Telescope Necklace $14.99

Heat Changing Constellation Mug (one of my personal favorites) $13.95 


Space Crib Mobile $64.75

Space Cadet Sequin Sweatshirt $43.00

Soviet Rocket Schematics $29.99 (for a 18×24 but other sizes/prices exist)

Planetary Lollipops $29.99…. jury is out on taste 😉

NASA 5 Rocket Mini Set $17.99

Youth Padded Parka $49.99

Smithsonian Planetary Projector $29.99

2001: A Space Odyssey $5.82

Space Patch Utility Jacket $47.50

Astronaut USB Light $7.99

Star Wars R2D2 USB Charger $38.85

I Need Space T Shirt Plus $22.00 or Maternity $18.50


Skylab Print Neckties $36.00

The Hubble Cosmos $32.53

And if that wasn’t enough, click here to view last year’s list.

If you have access to a 3D printer (check out your local library/university), there are plenty of templates of cool things you can also print! Here are a couple I know of:
NASA: Ranging from satellites like Hubble/Orion to asteroids this lot has you covered!
ULA: If you want a rocket ULA has mockups of all of theirs!

Happy Shopping!

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