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Snows Out Wallets Out- The Space Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

This is not a drill. Miss Aerospace’s annual space holiday gift guide is back with plenty of eye candy! So get your phones out and get ready to tell your loved ones what they need to get you. And there will be  plenty of stuff that is so cheap you might as well just snag it now! Keep a look out for links in the descriptions for extra goodies! And yes I realize the title is not as catchy as Suns Out Guns Out but you know I try.

Also prices are listed in dollars but many items sell internationally (or are even by non US sellers… but I had to standardize it somehow).

Starting out on a not so cheap note. Hunter has a pair of snow boots that are space themed! Along with a whole collection of space themed stuff. Kinda reminds me of the Moon Boot I have been wanting for quite some time now!

Hunter Space Camp Snow Boot $265

Two Photon is a popular STEM art shop. From zines to pins, they got it all! And lucky for us they took a deviation from their normal bio science centric work to make this amazing Down to Mars patch! Perfect for a jacket or backpack 😉

Two Photon Down to Mars Patch $5

Sub_Urban Riot is a clothing brand and they have an awesome design not just for men, but also in plus size and a tank/sweatshirt style for women. Macy’s currently has the plus size and sweatshirt on sale so check there first!

More Space Shirt $38-$58



You may have seen Astronobeads solar system bracelet on Scott Kelly’s Instagram but the company produces this other lovely piece I love, the Pale Blue Dot necklace which of course is based on the lovely Carl Sagan quote.

Pale Blue Dot Necklace $25

Definitely not trying to make this a jewelry centric guide but when I saw these I just couldn’t not include them. These Saturn earrings by Smitten Kitten Jewellery is a must have!

Saturn Studs Cosmos Earrings $17.71

Kerbal Space Program allows you to build your own Space Program, your very own NASA where you can go on all the missions your heart desires. I wish computer games were this cool when I was a kid!

Kerbal Space Program $40


Who doesn’t want to be the coolest person at his or her office with a Space Shuttle usb and NASA meatball water bottle! The Kennedy Space Center shop is filled with fun gifts for the space enthusiast but just a warning their picture quality isn’t the best as shown below.

Shuttle Orbiter Flash Drive $24     Pop Up Travel Mug $20

Of course, I am going to include the Women of NASA Lego set JUST RELEASED THIS YEAR! The set comes with famed NASA elites like Mae Jemison and Sally Ride. It might be a hunt to try to find them though so be sure to keep an eye out at your local stores! Also if you are up for the challenge try the Saturn V Lego set too!

Women of NASA LEGO set $25

Saturn V LEGO set $120

Next on the list is the beautiful artwork by BirchBliss. Her Moon collection is out of this world. There are the phases of the Moon and if your heart loves how the Moon looks while setting over the horizon, a warm Moon print. There are also some funky colors so be sure to check it out!

Moon Print $13.32

I also really love Tanya of Mars’s Redbubble collection. In particular the Earth NASA meatball one (proceeds help Hurricane victims), the NASA worm Mars one, and the NASA meatball Mars one. The great thing about Redbubble is that you can get the print in a variety of fits.

NASA Earth Meatball Shirt $21.94

And if you don’t have the money to spend on any of these items for your loved one, how about you make them some galaxy popcorn or some galaxy bark… maybe even some black hole cupcakes! Homemade gifts provide a great way for you to show just how much you care about the person you are giving to!

Also in the DIY spirit and the most recent slime trend, you can make your own space themed slime. Don’t give this to very young space fans as it is not edible.

That is all for this year’s post. Be sure to check out my previous years’ gift guides! I make sure to have no repeats so there is plenty to choose from and only some of the items are no longer sold.

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