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Get a Personal Tour of the International Space Station


NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, Expedition 40 flight engineer, reads a procedures checklist in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. via NASA Johnson

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with the International Space Station (ISS)? Well your prayers have been answered because the European Space Agency has recently updated its 360 view of the ISS. They are actually continuing to update the modules every Thursday for the next couple weeks! As you can tell I am pretty excited about this, and I will be sure to update this page with every new release.

What is great about its virtual tour is that it is 100% self guided. This means you can explore a module on your own terms as if you were just taking a stroll through the ISS yourself. Now I know you might be thinking: well that is great and all if I knew what I was looking at. In which case, do not fear! Most modules have 3 or more short videos of astronauts explaining the equipment you are looking at. So be sure to press play and poke around in the program. As I said before, these are short so if you only have a minute or two you could just watch two videos and come back without worrying at what minute you left the tour. But, seriously, how can you not get hooked? 😉

The cherry on top is that the tour is totally comprehensive. You not only get a glance at where the Europeans and Americans work but also get to look around the Russian and Japanese modules.

Check out the tour yourself!


Happy Exploring!!

Lastest Update: Tranquility Module 4/28

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