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An open letter to my male allies

First of all, thank you for taking issues that women in STEM face seriously and making an effort to be involved. It does mean a lot. However, I find it concerning how often I hear people denounce these high-profile issues but take part in subtle sexism of everyday work life. I know it isn’t intentional, but before you can pat yourself on the back for being a male ally and denouncing the google manifesto jerk, it is time you take a moment for self-examination. As much as it is reassuring to hear y’all put down those horrible words and stand by us, it would be that much more helpful if you were conscious about the way you act in everyday life. It is easy when these blatant sexist charges spark outrage to see these issues as an abstract thing other women have to deal with but a lot harder to figure out how you are contributing in your own workspace. Of course, you don’t conscientiously believe women are lesser, and that is important, but these unconscious actions also wear on the women around you. How often when you have an issue do you reach out to your female colleague to help you out?  How often do you happen to talk over her as she is expressing an idea? I mean this list goes on and definitely spends time around understanding romantic boundaries at work but the point is to be an ally please take a moment to be aware of what you say/do and how it makes us feel. Often times sexism is a lot closer to home than you think.

Thanks for your time today and hopeful continued support in helping break barriers.


Also, if y’all could stop acting relatable by pointing how few women are in the room… trust me we know and we don’t think it’s that funny.


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