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Three Crew Members Join ISS crew July 22nd


Kjell Lindgren (American), Oleg Kononenko (Russian), and Kimiya Yui (Japanese) are launching from Kazakhstan in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on July 22nd (technically early morning July 23rd there). They will be reaching the International Space Station six hours later. Their launch, docking, and hatch opening will be covered on NASA TV! As usual I have the lowdown on all the events neatly written for you all. They are written in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Also for times that are on the 23rd I will write “23rd” next to it. All other times are on the 22nd.


17:02 EDT (21:02 UTC)  Time of Launch – Programming will be 16:00-18:00 EDT (20:00-22:00 23rd UTC)
22:46 EDT (02:46 23rd UTC)  Time of Docking – Programming will be  22:00-23:30 EDT (02:00-03:30 23rd UTC)
00:25 EDT 23rd (04:25 23rd UTC) Time of Hatch Opening – Programming will be 23:30-00:30 EDT (03:30-04:30 23rd UTC)

Photo by NASA

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